beauty · 17. Oktober 2017
EN A few days ago I got a package from Artdeco, thanks to Milena. Without her it would not have been possible. :) I was so happy! I tried almost every product on the first day. The products: I begin with the negatives, then move on to the positive. I will tell you my honest opinion and i hope that Claudia is not angry with me but the quality of one or two products did not match the expectations. The lipstick and lip contour pencil are not the best. Very short lasting and not smudge-proof. Their...

11. Oktober 2017
EN A major part of the 2017 trend is the glencheck pattern. This year, the small checkered pattern is taken over by the larger version, which is why we can celebrate the great return of the classic glencheck pattern. This is what the big designers also demonstrate, from Prada to Balenciaga, mostly on trousers and coats. Fortunately, big, but cheaper fashion houses also follow the trend, such as Mango, Asos and Zara. My blazer from Mango was 59 €, which I think is still a fair price for...

fashion · 01. Oktober 2017
EN The Spring 2018 palette encourages a sense of fun and playful release. With an air of complexity and distinctiveness, we find ourselves in a sanctuary of color that is ideal for some more unique and dramatic color mixing.

fashion · 29. September 2017
EN Click through the pictures to see what the bloggers and street style stars are wearing. I hope you like it as much as I do! :) <3 xx, Emma

fashion · 21. September 2017
EN We shot these pictures last week. I tried to share them with you earlier but I had no time. At the moment I got two jobs and I started training to become a personal stylist. My baby, Lotti, had a surgery in Hungary on Monday. This was probably harder for me than for her. When I left her at the clinic, I had a terrible feeling. She means everything to me. The Doctor called me two hours later and told me everything went well. <3 Just in a few days she will be back to normal. I´m sorry guys...

beauty · 12. September 2017
EN 1. GARNIER mizellar cleansing water I never liked the Garnier products before, especially shampoos, because my hair gets greasy very fast. But I am satisfied with the mizellar face water and it is one of my fave products already. It cleans very thoroughly, removes makeup, protects from acne and does not irritat my eyes. This was my second bottle and I will continue to buy this product in the future. 2.ALVERDE clear healing earth face tonic I bought this tonic for the third time at Dm, it has...

fashion · 31. August 2017
EN I found the best outfit for strolls in the city. Everyone who knows me, knows that I like lazy pants and comfy sneakers. Combined with a boyfriend style sweater, it makes the perfect outfit for me. The pants and sweater are from Pull&Bear´s latest collection and the earrings I got in sale from Mango. The earrings are the perfect finish for my set. Who doesn´t like walks on sunny autumn days? xx, Emma

fashion · 21. August 2017
EN Coffee break on a Sunday afternoon! Look for a little inspiration. The sock boot trend lives on! Fall's new styles are higher and tighter than ever before. I love all of them. Which shoe do you like the best?

fashion · 19. August 2017
EN I know it's still summer, but I'm totally excited for the colder time of the year. Of course, I like the summer, but I am also in love with coats and scarves. :) Pantone Color Institute already prepared this year's fashionable colors in the beginning of this year after the New York fashion show in January. While comforting, enveloping colors and ease are crucial to the seasonal feeling, standout shades include a pale pink Ballet, a refreshing Golden Lime and a bright Marina blue. These hues...

13. August 2017
EN I know that I didn´t post that much lately but please don´t be mad at me. This summer is just sooo amazing because Max & i are traveling the whole time. This week I was at home in Esztergom and in Budapest at my hairstylist (he is the best) and I met my cousin. She has been to Nepal for a few months as a volunteer. She told me to listen to the national anthem of Nepal because it´s amazing. She is right! <3 It´s a really happy song, the world can learn from these people. :) Buuut...

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